Synthesise your user testing results to draw conclusions about the prototype you tested.

👥 whole team | ⏰ more than 1 hour


After user testing is complete, the team will be able to determine the success or failure of the prototype that was tested, which will help inform what the next steps should be.


  1. Describe the goals of your results session and its outcome.
  2. Evaluate your test results against the key metrics and operational parameters that were defined earlier. This is a time to avoid accidental positive or negative bias, as you need to distill the facts and compare them to the value assumptions and hypothesis to empirically measure whether individual assumptions are provable or disprovable. This should result in, essentially, a “score” of how well the feature did in usability and value for the user.
  3. List the assumptions that had problems or action items associated with them.

Once you’ve derived your synthesised results, you have an opportunity for one of two potential next steps:

  1. The team can decide collectively that this feature is “disproven”, and move on to the next project.
  2. If there are sufficient learnings that can be addressed, and the team believes that the trade-off in time is worth the effort, the team can propose a minimal product set of changes and restart the build- measure-learn cycle.