Define phase

Many brainstorms end with a team realizing they don’t fully understand the idea they selected to act on. The Describe Your Concept tool helps you distill down what resonated with the team from the original concept, and understand exactly what they need to create during prototyping. 

How to describe your concept

Select an idea from your brainstorm and flesh out the concept while it’s fresh in your team’s mind. What would you name it? Who is it for? What does it accomplish for them? How does it accomplish this? Here, your team can really specify how your product or service does what it does. Make it your goal to articulate a single function that your concept performs in order to achieve the desired user impact. 

Pro tip: If your concept either

1) doesn’t relate to your user or

2) doesn’t bring you to a game-changing idea, don’t worry, you’ve made a common mistake. Revisit your brainstorm and pick another idea that’s more user-centric. 


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