Create a prototype to test with live users at a statistically significant scale.

👥 1 or more people | ⏰ 30 minutes or even days


Qualitative testing helps you uncover the “why”. Quantitative testing proves or disproves your solution’s success. Live-data prototypes enable running of these quantitative tests.


Live-data prototypes make use of data or APIs to insert real content into a prototype. This kind of prototype has more overhead than simple paper prototypes or clickable wireframes, but to test some solutions, live data will be a necessity. Live-data prototypes are built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript most of the time.

Live-data prototypes will need to be tracked using an analytics tool to measure success.

To evaluate your live-data prototype, use a Product Scorecard which lists KPIs and targets. If the solution meets the targets — or doesn’t — you have an answer about the efficacy of your solution.