⭐️ Ideate phase

Ideate is the mode in which you generate radical design alternatives. Ideation is a process of “going wide” in terms of concepts and outcomes—a mode of “flaring” instead of “focus”. The goal of ideation is to explore a wide solution space—both a large quantity and broad diversity of ideas. From this vast repository of ideas, you can build prototypes to test with users. 

You ideate in order to transition from identifying problems to exploring solutions for your users. 

Ideation is leveraged to: 

  • Harness the collective perspectives and strengths of your team. 
  • Step beyond obvious solutions and drive innovation. 
  • Uncover unexpected areas of exploration. 
  • Create fluency (volume) and flexibility (variety) in your innovation options. 

When ideating, your team needs to fluctuate between times of focus and flare. Idea generation is a moment to “go wide” while evaluation/selection of ideas is a time for narrowing-in. 

Curtailing “bad” behaviors, such as evaluating during idea generation, is very important—innovative concepts can often come from the most outlandish ideas. 

List of Design Thinking Ideating Tools & Methods:


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