Define phase

A Point of View framework helps outline your design challenge into an actionable problem statement so that you can begin brainstorming solutions. Most importantly, your POV anchors your design thinking project and helps you to articulate your challenge meaningfully. 

How to write a Point of View (POV) statement

After you’ve interpreted your user empathy interviews, try different ways of stating the problem.

POV framework

Start by describing your user in colorful language, including pertinent details. Then, choose your favorite surprise/insight that represents the most powerful shift in your own perspective. Last, articulate what would be game-changing for your user, assuming your insight is correct.

POV musts

  • Make sure your POV flows sensically (so a stranger could comprehend it).
  • Specifies an insight that’s focused on a specific user (rather than a demographic)
  • Articulates a game-changing direction, without dictating a particular solution. 


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