A short, informal group discussion designed to promote learnings and shared understanding among other teams and colleagues.

👥 team plus guests | ⏰ between 30 and 60 minutes


After user testing is complete, you’ll want to share your findings with other members of the organisation.

Called ‘Brown Bag’ because people often bring their lunch, these sessions provide an opportunity for colleagues to meet and exchange information, ideas, and learnings in a more informal setting than the traditional product demo.


The host team gives an introduction to the format and the topic. Then the participants all break out into smaller groups to discuss certain questions or ideas. The value here is in the back-and-forth conversation rather than a lecture format.

The less structure the better. One or max two people talk about what they are doing, what is working and any challenges. It is meant to be a lunch, after all, not a presentation or a meeting, and conflating one with the other sometimes irritates people. If you do it regularly then it can be a standard practice that everyone has to talk/lead in rotation, over a period. The synergies will emerge, if there are any to be found, from the more random conversation through mouthfuls of sandwich.