Take your ideas, mix them with notes you’ve taken, and loosely organize them on paper. 

👥 1 – 10 person | ⏰ between 10 and 15 minutes


Now you’re going to add all the other ideas that are in your head, mix them with the notes you just took, and loosely organize them on paper. The mind map is going to be your “cheat sheet” you can use when you’re sketching UI ideas. 


  1. This will entail quiet individual brainstorming. Each person writes down everything in their head with no specific formatting. 
  2. You can write words and connect them, or not. You can draw pictures, or not. You basically can’t do it wrong. 
  3. The important thing is that everyone is getting every solution, old and new, out of their head and onto paper at very low fidelity. 


Google Ventures: http://www.gv.com/lib/the-product-design-sprint-divergeday2