Determine whether there is a desire among users for your feature or product 

👥 1000 and more | ⏰ weeks | 💪🏼 medium effort


You have a product or feature idea, but need to know if your users or potential users are interested in it. A landing page test or fake door test can help you determine whether there is a market for your product or feature. 

How is it done?

Create a landing page or “fake door” for your product or feature. If you create a landing page for your fake product, it should contain:

  • A pitch: what’s your product going to do for users?
  • A call to action: sign up with an email address to get on a waitlist, for example

The pitch could be a video of a prototype that shows what the product would do, as if it’s been built, or as simple as a sign up for a service you’re describing. Or, it could be a list of subscriptions with their prices and features, each of which has a link to register and buy.

Next, bring traffic to your landing page. You can do this with Google Adwords, Facebook ads, or promoting on social media, for example.

Make sure your call-to-action has a Thank You page. If the user provided an email address to sign up, the Thank You page could say “Thanks, we’ll be in touch!” or explain that you are developing a new product and wanted to test demand.

For a “fake door” to test a feature idea on your site or app, create the button, link, or other element you would want users to engage with, and put it on your site where you would likely put the real thing. For example, if you are measuring interest in a newsletter, create a link or form users could use to sign up for that newsletter.