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Feedback capture matrices facilitate real-time capture of feedback on presentations and prototypes. You can use a feedback capture matrix either to give feedback on progress within the design team or to capture user feedback. The matrix itself arranges thoughts and ideas into four categories for easy assessment. 

How to use a feedback capture matrix

Section off a blank page or whiteboard into quadrants. Draw a plus sign in the upper left quadrant, a delta sign in the upper right quadrant, a question mark in the lower left quadrant, and a light bulb in the lower right quadrant. 

Fill in the matrix as you give or receive feedback. Place things one likes or finds notable in the upper left (plus sign). Constructive criticism goes in the upper right (delta sign). Questions raised go in the lower left (question mark). And new ideas spurred go in the lower right (light bulb). If you’re giving feedback, strive to give input in each quadrant (especially the upper two: “likes” and “wishes”). 


design thinking bootleg by d.school at Stanford University