Define phase & ⭐️ Ideate phase

Powers of Ten is a reframing technique used as a synthesis or ideation method. It allows your design team to consider the challenge at hand through frames of various magnitudes. 

How to use Powers of Ten

Consider increasing and decreasing magnitudes of context to reveal connections and insights.

Powers of ten for insight development

Imagine you’re designing a checkout experience. You already observed that users read customer reviews before purchasing, and developed the insight that users value peer opinions when shopping. Now imagine the user is shopping for items over a wide magnitude of costs—from mints, to a bed, to a house. Does this alter user behavior? Probe for nuances in your insight. Note where it breaks down.

Powers of ten for ideation

Add constraints that alter the magnitude of the solution space. “What if it had to cost more than a million dollars to implement?” “Or less than 25 cents?” “What if it was larger than this room?” “Or smaller than a wallet?” 


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