⭐️ Ideate phase

Good facilitation is key to a generative brainstorm. Brainstorming spawns many, wide-ranging (and sometimes left field) ideas. A good facilitator sets the stage for open, active, and constructive engagement. 

How to facilitate a brainstorm


As facilitator, it’s your task to keep ideas flowing. Be sure to write a compelling question to kick off the brainstorm. If the team slows or gets stuck, add a variation to the prompt to shake things up (prepare options ahead of time).


Add solution constraints to spark new ideas. “What if it had to be round?” “How would superman do it?” Or create process constraints, such as shooting for 50 ideas in 20 minutes. 


Be mindful of where you brainstorm. Find a room with lots of vertical work space. Make sure all participants are standing and have supplies in hand—post-its and a sharpie. 


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