🔵 Empathize phase & ✅ Define phase & ⭐️ Ideate phase & 🔴 Prototype phase & 💜 Test phase

As a designer, you must rely on personal communication and, particularly, feedback, during design work. Colleagues give feedback on design frameworks. Users give feedback on solution concepts. I like, I wish, What if (IL/IW/WI) is a simple tool to encourage open feedback. 

How to use I like, I wish, what if

IL/IW/WI is almost too simple to write down, but it’s too useful not to mention. Meet as a group. Team members chime in by expressing “likes,” “wishes,” or “what ifs” as succinct headlines. 

“I like how we broke our team into pairs.” “I wish we had discussed our plan before testing.” “What if we tried one more prototype?” 

Share dozens of headlines in a session (be sure to pick someone to capture). You don’t need to respond to every one. Let the team decide which topics to discuss as they arise.


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