Present customers in the midst of using your product with a short, engaging survey.

👥 100 and more | ⏰ hours | 💪🏼 low effort


Short questionnaires called site intercept surveys can be administered to real users, during moments when they are using the team’s website or application, to get a sense of their attitudes about or behavior with the product.

With enough responses — usually one hundred or so; keep in mind that users should be able to opt out of the survey — the team can gain knowledge of who uses the product, why they use it, and whether it served their needs properly at the time and in the context the survey was taken.

Who is involved? 

Site intercept surveys require a team to determine what sorts of site or application behaviour should qualify a user to receive the survey prompt, as well as what questions should be in the survey itself; a mechanism that allows the delivery of surveys to users (e.g. email; Qualtrics); and again, a team to compile and analyse the results.

How is it done? 

  1. Develop a research plan to get at what your goals are in this phase of product discovery, a set of questions that can provide direction for addressing those goals, and a list of behavioral criteria for selecting users on the site or application to receive this survey.
  2. Determine how to build the survey and deploy it to users currently using your product; depending on the complexity of the survey, you may need additional help from other teams.
  3. Once the survey has been delivered and enough responses have been received (ideally around one hundred or so), sit down as a team, look at the distribution of answers, and uncover areas for improvement or interesting bits of feedback from your users.