Define phase

The define mode is when you unpack your empathy findings into needs and insights and scope a meaningful challenge. Based on your understanding of users and their environments, come up with an actionable problem statement: your Point Of View. 

More than simply defining the problem, your Point of View is a unique design vision that is framed by your specific users. 

Understanding the meaningful challenge at hand, and the user insights you can leverage, is fundamental to creating a successful solution.

The define mode explicitly expresses the problem you strive to address. In order to be truly generative, you must reframe your challenge based on new insights gained through your empathy work. This reframed Point of View, or problem statement, can then be used as a solution-generating springboard. 

A spectacular Point of View… 

  • Preserves emotion and the individual you’re designing for. 
  • Includes strong language. 
  • Uses sensical wording. 
  • Includes a strong insight. 
  • Generates lots of possibilities. 

List of Design Thinking Defining Tools & Methods:


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