🔵 Empathize phase & ✅ Define phase & ⭐️ Ideate phase & 🔴 Prototype phase & 💜 Test phase

Video is a powerful medium for communicating ideas, insights and stories. The frame is your medium—be aggressive. If it’s not in the frame, it doesn’t exist. 

How to shoot video

1. Know your intention. What’s the one thing you want your audience to leave with? 

2. Get a tight frame of your subject at all times.

3. Be conscious of light sources and shadows on your subject. 

4. Overshoot! Get more than you think you need. Editing is where the storytelling begins. Remember to get longer takes. They allow you some wiggle room for transitions.

5. Keep mic close to the subject (boom mic preferred).

6. Point mic away from undesired noise. 


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