đź”´ Prototype phase

A great way to prepare to test your prototype in the field (with real users) is to use the Scenes/Props/Roles tool. This improv-inspired tool helps you understand where and how you will test your prototype, and the roles of each team member who join you in the field. 

How to use the scenes/props/roles tool

Gather a team to test with you in the field. Then, figure out: 

Where should a user ideally encounter your concept? 

This is the “scene” that you want to test in, or, at the very least, recreate in your own space. 

What props do you need to build? 

These are the bare minimum physical artifacts necessary to suspend disbelief for the user and imagine that they’re experiencing your concept.

What roles do you need to play? 

Who’s going to source and host users? Who’s going to be actively engaged in the prototype (either directly interacting with the user, or performing some function in the background)? Who’s going to observe and take notes?


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