⭐️ Ideate phase

Stoke activities loosen up and energize teams—both mentally and physically. Use stoke activities to wake up in the morning, launch a meeting, or begin a brainstorm. They should be brief and highly active. 

How to stoke

Category, category, out! 

Line folks up, name a category (breakfast cereals, vegetables, cars), and point at people in rapid succession, skipping around the group. The player pointed at must name something in the category. If they don’t, everyone yells “Out!” and they’re out for the rest of the round. 

Sound ball

Stand in a circle and throw an imaginary ball to each other. Make eye contact and make a noise as you throw it. The catcher must repeat the noise of the thrower and make a new noise as she throws to the next person. Try increasing the speed or adding a second ball. 

Yes, Let’s! 

Everyone walk around the room randomly. One person voices an instruction: “let’s act like we’re at a cocktail party” or “let’s act like there’s no gravity.” Everyone shouts back, “Yes, let’s!” and acts it out. At anytime someone can yell the next instruction. The answer is always, “Yes, let’s!” 


design thinking bootleg by d.school at Stanford University