Generate ideas individually about a given topic on sticky notes, then quickly present them to the group.

👥 1 to 50 participants | ⏰ between 10 and 60 minutes


This exercise is used to generate many ideas from the group with silent sticky note writing. It is intended to be an opening activity, and a first step to help guide next steps for your group.

From here you can move on to another gamestorming exercise. For example, the group may want to create an Affinity Map or further organise and prioritise everyone’s thoughts using Forced Ranking.


There are many ways to work with ideas using sticky notes. Generating ideas is the most basic play, and it starts with a question that your group will be brainstorming answers to.

For example: “What are possible uses for Product X?” Write the question or topic on a whiteboard. Ask the group to brainstorm answers individually, silently writing their ideas on separate sticky notes.

The silence lets people think without interruption, and putting items on separate notes ensures that they can later be shuffled and sorted as distinct thoughts. After a set amount of time, ask the members of the group to stick their notes to the whiteboard and quickly present them. If anyone’s items inspire others to write more, they can stick those up on the wall too, after everyone has presented.