đź”´ Prototype phase

Teams often get stuck in “analysis paralysis” when deciding what to build for user testing. Improvising your idea to life is a tool to jump-start your team into action. 

How to improvise to life

Act it out, to figure it out. Quickly assign roles to the team to bring your concept to life. Pick someone to be the user. Someone else to play the “technology”, or the solution you’ve envisioned. If you’re designing a checkout experience, other roles might include shoppers in the store. Be sure to assign observers to watch and tag in when someone gets stuck.

Really dive into it. Now and then, break the scene to discuss what’s working, what’s not, and to swap in observers (new “technology” role players should perform the function in a different way, to see how it affects the user’s experience).


design thinking bootleg by d.school at Stanford University